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A Brief Guide to Facial Wart and Its Remedies

Warts are tiny skin growths that can appear anywhere on your body. Face warts are tiny, skin growth that develops on your face. These are not harmful. The projections on facial warts are long and narrow. They may protrude 1 to 2 millimetres from your facial skin.

on the face can be pink, yellow, or brown. You can get facial warts on your cheeks, eyelids, or lips. The sensations of itchiness, pain, and irritation are common. Additionally, you might see black spots on your warts. These blood veins have the potential to cause bleeding.

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Types of Facial Warts:

  • Flat wart:

Around cuts or scratches in the skin, flat warts form. They consequently tend to be more prevalent in regions where individuals shave, like the legs and face. Usually, flat warts are skin-coloured.

  • Filiform wart:

The look of filiform warts is spiky or threadlike. These rapidly expanding warts typically appear close to the lips, nose, and eyes.

Treatment of Facial Wart:

1.     Home remedies:

  • Extract of garlic:

For warts on the face, garlic extract can be highly helpful. Antiviral qualities are present. Because garlic extract is potent, it may slightly burn your skin. You can have mild itching and irritability.

  • Pineapple juice:

Enzymes found in pineapple juice can burn warts. Although pineapple juice treatment has not been proven scientifically, several people have reported success in removing warts.

  • Lemon juice:

The acid in lemon juice is citric. It aids in the death of the virus that causes facial warts. A study found that using lemon juice along with water for more than six weeks is useful for getting rid of flat warts. However, avoid putting raw lemon juice on your face because it could irritate it.

2.     Medical treatment:

  • Surgery:

Using a scalpel, a doctor can eliminate or peel off a wart, especially a filiform wart. In other instances, they may trim the wart’s surface to allow the liquid nitrogen to reach the wart’s centre more thoroughly.

  • Cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy involves spraying liquid nitrogen over the wart to treat it. The wart will peel off as the infected skin cells are frozen and killed by liquid nitrogen. However, this procedure may leave the skin with dark or light patches. Therefore, it may be best to refrain from using this procedure to treat face warts if you have very light or very dark skin.

  • Cantharidin

A professional procedure to get warts off your face is cantharidin. A chemical causes a blister to develop over your warts. When the blister forms from the use of cantharidin or an identical chemical mixture, your doctor will try to treat the wart.

  • Immunotherapy:

Immunotherapy is a treatment that a doctor could suggest to help someone’s immune system fight off warts. This can entail repeatedly injecting the wart with a chemical known as candida antigen. To combat the wart, this might strengthen the immune system.

It is crucial to visit a doctor if a wart changes in size, colour, or texture. Additionally, never ignore if warts bleed, release fluid, or hurt. With the doctor, you can discuss the best medical options for 脫疣 if these therapies do not work.

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