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Spa for Men – Everything You Need to Know

New age is all about taking care of oneself and the millennial male is well aware of a good body massage and a spa day. While men are increasingly lending themselves to be equally responsible at home and at office as well, it is almost clear that the attitude of the society is changing. Now, there is evolution of the thought process and nothing is restricted to gender specification.

Needless to say, there are numerous spa facilities which provide professional spa services to men. Moreover, you will be shocked to know that more than 35 percent of the spa industry clients are males and the figures are likely to grow exponentially in the coming years. This shows that men have started taking care of themselves and are gaining knowledge about the wellbeing and rewinding themselves after a hectic week.

Why is it different?

Having said the above, spas for men are different from that of women. One brand can harbour both the sections separately or you might find specific brand catering to the specific gender. While the whole concept of the spa remains the same, the type of massage, creams, essential oils, ambience to the interiors and the tea given after the service everything is different. It is suggested that you go to the nearest spa for taking the service, so that you can quickly come home and feel relaxed. Let us check what men can opt for their spa day:


Most of the massage of the men are concentrated to release the build-up toxins in their back muscle and is often termed as sports massage. This massage can be opted by anyone who has experienced a hectic schedule. Also, most of these spa facilities provide spa and sauna bath for men who are fitness enthusiasts or a sports person. Spas for men are specially designed to condition the man’s body and muscles right after the strenuous activity. It is perfect for both serious athletes and or weekday warrior!


Salon facials are different than spa facial. In spa, the professionals are better trained and suggest services as per the skin. Male skin is mostly prone to extreme elements most of the time of the day. Moreover, their hormonal structure is different that gives the skin a rough texture. Hence, the facials for men are specifically made for such type of skin. Gentleman’s facial includes intricate facial exfoliation, extraction of black heads followed by mask and massage. Not only this revitalizes the skin but also improves the texture.

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