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Dodgeball – A Great Sport Option For Health Fitness

Dodgeball has been banned in schools because of its bullying and injury concerns. It is a very controversial sport, especially for the student but it is great for adults. Dodgeball enthusiasts relive their childhood and find it to be a great health fitness alternative.

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Dodgeball benefits can never be overlooked

  • Great anaerobic exercise form – Short sprinting bursts are involved in a dodgeball game. This enhances cardiovascular health in several ways like increasing blood flow, burns calories and lowers blood pressure & pulse rate. Players can include it in their interval training.
  • Enhances balance and agility – The players have to run across the court and even dodge the balls. It helps to improve agility because players need to adjust their body rapidly. This even helps to enhance their balance.
  • Augments eye-hand coordination – Ball throwers and dodgers need great eye-hand coordination. For successful hit, the throwers need to synchronize their throws with dodgers’ current location and anticipated place, when the ball lands.

  • Boosts strength training – Dodgeball court is 30 ft. across, so the players need to throw the large balls at a moderate distance for hitting the other team members successfully. It needs strength in the abs, back, arms, and shoulder. Repeatedly throwing ball helps build muscle strength.
  • Promotes weight-loss – The concept of this game is to survive the hit and stay on the court. The longer you survive, the more calories get burnt. It is studies that in a half an hour dodgeball game, a 155-pound person burns 186 calories.
  • Makes you flexible -As you consistently turn and twist, bend up and down as well as jump around, while dodging the ball, your body becomes flexible overtime.
  • Great stress reliever – A bad day can slip away as you throw or dodge the ball. Get on the floor, forget the negativity, and enjoy. Laugh loudly…..the best stress reliever!
  • Develop fast reflexes – Fast reflex skills are needed to dodge a flying ball that is aimed straight towards you. Fast reflexive skills can also help you during other sports practice.

  • Improves teamwork abilities – Teamwork is essential in every aspect. You get to learn how working with a team can make you win. Even leadership skills can be sharpened playing a dodgeball game as a team.
  • Fun and inspiring – You can meet new people or enjoy a day with friends and family participating in Dodgeball sport. Your professional and social network can increase as you stay active and healthy.

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