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5 Ways to Avoid Backache

We all know just how annoying it is when you suffer with backache and when you consider how much pressure is put on the spine, it is no wonder that we sometimes experience pain in this region. The spine is the core foundation for the skeleton and it is protected by muscle and tendons; if you suffer with backache often, here are a few tips to take the pressure off your spine.

  1. Don’t sit for long periods – Of course, this is easier said than done; for many people, work requires being seated, while those who drive for a living have little choice, however, you should stand up and walk around every 30 minutes and if you are driving, stop often and stretch your legs.
  2. Medium to firm mattress – Sleeping on a soft mattress might feel comfortable, but it isn’t good for your spine; rather select a firm or medium to firm mattress of a known brand. There have been cases of people sleeping on sift mattresses for many years and they end up having to undergo spine surgery to correct disc position.
  3. Perform the right exercises – If your lower back muscles are targetted with specific exercises, this will give you more core strength and that will help to handle the support you need during a typical day. These muscles are located in your abdomen and lower back and are not normally used much, yet they do have to provide support and the stronger these muscles, the less likely you are to experience backache.
  4. The correct footwear – You might be surprised to learn that the shoes you wear have an effect on your lower back. Tight heels, for example, can cause extra pressure on the lower spinal area and if you wear poorly fitting shoes for long periods, don’t be surprised when you get backache.
  5. Massage often – If you visit a qualified masseuse, they know how to rejuvenate your spine and lower back; you’ll feel so much better after an hour of professional massage and the expert can relieve tension is specific muscles.

If you suffer from backache often, you should consult a spinal doctor who can pinpoint the issue and recommend the right treatment. If left unaddressed, a pain the back can become something more serious; the discs that make up the spine can become shifted and rub against each other.

We should never take things for granted and by following the above advice, you should be able to nip backache in the bud.

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